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Let's fix your aches and pains so you can relax and enjoy life!

Meridian Massage is accepting new clients only through referral from existing clients.

Meridian Massage - discover your natural balance and ability for self-healing.  Does stress and anxiety weigh you down?  

Benefits from regular massage include enhanced circulation, reduced blood pressure, relief from pain (including headaches), recovery from intense sports training and competition, and deeper sleep, better digestion.

Benefits from acupressure sessions include a deeper relaxation experience, providing a calming influence on the mind allowing you to be aware of your breath and energy. These sessions can address insomnia, anxiety attacks, chronic tension, and recovery from traumatic injury, experiences, or medical treatments.

Meridian Massage provides a variety of European and Asian massage techniques including therapeutic Swedish massage, deep tissue, and Acupressure / Tui Na.  

Expand beyond the Continent. Ask for Hawaiian LomiLomi including a style of hot stone therapy where stones are used as an extension of my hands, actively working on the body.  All of this is gentle work that assists your body in the process of self-healing.  

Have a pain or injury issue that needs focused work? Tight muscles?  Meridian Massage provides 30 minute sessions of focus work based on training in Neuromuscular Therapy and Sports Massage.  

30-minute sessions are also a great way to keep massage in your routine when your budget is tight.

Pressure point energy work has been practiced for thousands of years.  Learn simple meridian movement and self-massage acupressure therapy that can help you maintain and enhance your energy balance. Ask about personal chi-kung classes and take home information to share with your family.


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