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Meridian Services and Rates

Investing in a massage is an investment in your health.

Meridian Massage is an affordable healthcare and wellness provider accepting new clients by referral only.


FEES:  Payment is due the day of the session, cash or check are preferred.  Most major credit cards can be processed. (Credit cards are for your convenience but if this is your preferred method of payment you will be charged a transaction fee to cover the processing fee. 

CANCELLATION? Please give me 24 hour notice.  Emergencies are understandable but a no-show without a reasonable excuse is charged before additional sessions can be booked.


1 Hour Massage or Energy/ Acupressure Session $60 

30 minute massage focus (for example neck,shoulder and back, hips and legs, etc.) or Energy/Acupressure focus session - $35

90 minute Massage - $85  (more time=more healing)     

Hot Stone Therapy - add-on $15 to any length session

  • PACKAGE DISCOUNT Save 10% for yourself (please pay upon purchase; schedule minimum is 1 every 2 months, schedule maximum is 1 per week.  Refund negotiable based on contraindicated medical condition or relocation, not transferable.

   5 - 1 hour Massage or Energy/ Acupressure Session - $270

   (select the type of session you want the day you show up)

   5 - 1/2 hour massage, acupressure or Reiki sessions - $155

  •  GIFT CARDS - available to existing clients only.  
  • 1 hour Massage or Acupressure session, $55.  
  •  REFERRALS: Refer 1 new client, your choice: 1/2 off your next massage or acupressure session, or 2 gift cards for the price of one. Pick up referral cards the next time you are in.       
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